New technologies, and in particular artificial intelligence, are drastically changing the nature of creative processes.


Computers are becoming increasingly important in creative fields including science, music, architecture, and fine arts. In fact, a computer can already be used as a canvas, a brush, a musical instrument, etc. But we think that the connections between computers and creativity need to be more ambitious. We might consider the computer to be a creative force in and of itself rather than just a tool to assist human creators.


A brand-new genre of digital art is pushing the boundaries of inventiveness and upending how art is created. AI art is the result of a partnership between an artist and an AI system, although the degree of autonomy can vary greatly and the final product is highly dependent on the caliber of the data the AI learns from.


The Project


As a proof of concept I create a series o artworks based on quotes from well-known authors that mimic the human mind to generate a never-ending stream of unique artworks.


The WOMBO mobile and browser application was used to produce each piece of art. The program makes use of two machine learning techniques that pair a neural network for image generation with an algorithm for text description interpretation. Each iteration of both algorithms produces a different result since they both learn from the previous one.


Let's Talk


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